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Come help spiff up the Plaza on June 1

Staff WriterMay 23, 2019

We need 80 volunteers to help paint park benches, porches, curbs and the gazebo between 7 and 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 1. Please invite all your friends. This is the fifth annual Keep the Santa Fe Plaza Beautiful Paint and Clean Up. Please contact Buddy Roybal at Coronado Paint & Decorating, 505-699-2687.

Buddy Roybal

Santa Fe

Beware the threat from within

When presidential candidate Joe Biden and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi try to avoid coming down hard on the misdeeds of the Trump administration and President Donald Trump’s captive Republican Party for the sake of national unity, they are continuing a decadeslong policy of appeasing Republican ruthlessness (“Biden rejects Democrats’ anger in call for unity,” May 19; “Dems keep no-impeachment strategy amid Trump defiance,” May 16). Seeking bipartisanship and national unity, Democrats have been betrayed time and time again by wishful thinking and Republican lies.

Worried about dividing the nation? Give me a break! America is already riven by subversion centered in the White House and extended to the whole Republican Party, funded and driven by a radical right-wing collusion of billionaires, ideologues and opportunists. It is too late to play nice with the right wing and its concerted efforts to destroy constitutional governance in favor of corporate feudalism — the situation is too desperate for that. The nation is under existential threat from within, even without considering climate disaster.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe

Blocking the military-industrial complex

We have an unpopular president wanting re-election. We have unverifiable “intelligence” of dire threat. We’ve seen this movie before; it doesn’t end well.

On a positive note, Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., is co-sponsoring the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act to not give more tanks to our civilian police. Let’s encourage the rest of our New Mexico delegation to support her in this bipartisan effort to prevent our military-industrial complex from becoming all-pervasive. Let us live by our higher values of love, compassion and helping others.

Bill Bruno, Ph.D.

Santa Fe

Changing, not for better

From “Earthweek: Diary of a changing world” (www.earthweek.com), come these sobering facts: “Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are higher now that at any time since well before humans evolved on the planet.” It goes on to say, “The last time Earth was blanketed by this much of the greenhouse gas, sea levels were up to 65 feet higher and Antarctica was covered in forests.” I cried.

Sheila Henke

Santa Fe

An excellent education

As my daughter graduates from Santa Fe High School, I want to express my gratitude to so many. Our experience with the schools was excellent. I especially want to thank the Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education, Santa Fe High Principal Carl Marano, our tireless teachers and everyone else in public education. Our community does so much to encourage students to achieve. I extend a special thank you to The New Mexican and Century Bank for the Super Scholars program and the awards banquet for students and their “Educator Who Made a Difference.” The banquet is a generous way to support and motivate our educators and children. A special thank you to Century Bank Chairman and Chief Operating Officer Bryan Chippeaux and President and Chief Lending Officer Paul Sowards as well as Santa Fe New Mexican Publisher Tom Cross. Because of all of you, our daughter is well-educated and ready for college.

Bryan Bird

Santa Fe

Let the experts decide

Who among us considers themselves a master political scientist, strategist, negotiator, arbiter? Let’s leave impeachment and nonimpeachment to our brilliant expert lawmakers. As armchair strategists, let’s not muck up their hugely complicated and highly consequential negotiations.

Not to worry, anyway: President Donald Trump’s goose is cooking slowly.

Dorothy Rogers-Abbey

Santa Fe

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