You Can Refine Your Golf Game All Year At W-B Business

January 21, 2019
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You Can Refine Your Golf Game All Year At W-B Business

WILKES-BARRE — Despite the cold winter weather, area residents can still play golf in Wilkes-Barre.

All Weather Golf at 634 N. Pennsylvania Ave. offers an authentic golf experience that Denny Wengrzynek of Dallas says is “so real, like you’re outside.”

Wengrzynek typically golfs outside at Irem Temple Country Club in Dallas and he is in a league in Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club in Mountain Top. During the winter, he likes to practice his swing and play golf at All Weather Golf.

The business features two large hitting bays that allow people to practice their golf swings on driving ranges or play their choice of about 75 courses like Bay Hill in Florida, Firestone in Ohio and Oakmont near Pittsburgh without leaving Wilkes-Barre.

Owner Chris Ruth, a golf coach who provides instruction, showed the business recently updated its indoor golf simulator which is powered by TruGolf E6 Connect software. The upgrades include high-speed cameras and new hitting mats.

“There’s nothing electrical in the floor now and it’s more similar to hitting outside,” Ruth said.

Golfers can choose different ranges from flat ones to ranges with small or large targets. They can play nine or 18 holes.

All Weather Golf is typically a seasonal business open during the winter, but Ruth said he also will open at other times of year during other inclement weather conditions like rain. This year, he said he might keep the business longer but golfers should schedule appointments.

Ruth uses high-speed video to coach golfers and the software gives them feedback about their swings.

“The camera above picks up everything your club and your shaft is doing. The cameras in the front pick up everything the ball does. Between the two systems into one, it gives you a pretty accurate picture of what is really happening,” Ruth said. “When I do high-speed video, I break it down to what you’re doing versus a tour player.”

Ruth coaches young men whose goals are to become professional golfers, including Mariano Medico of Shavertown and Tyler McGarry of Pittston.

Medico, 23, a graduate of Holy Redeemer High School and Syracuse University, and McGarry, 21, a graduate of Pittston Area High School, recently moved to Florida.

Medico is training to qualify for the Mackenzie Tour — PGA TOUR Canada, a stepping stone to get to the PGA, and he said Ruth has been helping him “every step of the way.”

“What he (Ruth) has done for me has been incredible. He basically reshaped my entire game,” Medico said. “Everything he has done for me has been very positive. He’s such a good guy and we’re friends first and he’s my coach second.”

While it often rained during the summer, Medico said he liked that he could come to All Weather Golf and practice in the hitting bays.

Medico spent about 13 of his 14 days of his holiday vacation around Christmas practicing golf with Ruth and the new software would help show him everything he needed to know to play better golf. Ruth still helps Medico over the phone.

“He’s always so helpful,” Medico said. “The new software gives you feedback if you’re playing well or if you’re not playing well. It will show your what path might be a little off. It’s good to get that feedback from the software to fix whatever you need to fix.”

McGarry, another golf standout who attended Misericordia University, lives in West Palm Beach and is attending Keiser University. He said Ruth spent countless hours helping him work on his swing.

“I had never taken lessons before and I liked the way he was teaching,” McGarry said. “He really helped me get a lot better a lot faster. After working him for a while, we developed a very good friendship.”

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To practice on a driving range for one hour at All Weather Golf, it costs $20. To play nine holes, it’s $20. To play 18 holes, it’s $30. There are no time limits. The business is open seven days a week. For information, call 570-574-2603.

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