Volunteers seek help as CBP releases migrants

March 29, 2019

Volunteers assisting migrants being released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Good Neighbor Settlement House in downtown Brownsville are asking for help.

Sergio Cordova, co-founder of Team Brownsville, an organization that helps undocumented immigrants dropped off at the bus station and feeds asylum seekers waiting in Mexico, said volunteers and donations are needed.

On Tuesday, CBP began releasing migrants from processing centers to the Good Neighbor Settlement House.

Rio Grande Valley U.S. Border Patrol Sector Chief Agent Rodolfo Karisch said Wednesday that agents would be releasing migrants onto the streets of Brownsville because the sector’s resources are "overwhelmed and over-stretched."

Cordova, who also serves on the Good Neighbor Settlement House board, said that more than 100 people are expected to be released by CBP at the Good Neighbor Settlement House today via three busloads throughout the day.

Good Neighbor Settlement House staff and volunteers have set up an emergency shelter in the facility’s auditorium where people are sleeping.

"We need people to go and help wash towels because people are taking a bath," Cordova said.

They are also in need of shoes and clothing, "mainly for women and kids." They are also in need of underwear and socks for women, men and children, Cordova said.

Cordova said donations of snack food, bottled water and diapers for small babies are also needed.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or donate should contact the Good Neighbor Settlement House at (956) 542-2368, Cordova said.