American Family Insurance presents financial award to All One People

November 22, 2018

MADISON, WI-- American Family Insurance occasionally invites their agents to submit nominations of charitable organizations to which they personally donate.

The organization selected is then awarded a donation matching that of the agent. This year Carol Carver of American Family Insurance, Ephraim, nominated All One People and her nomination was selected for this generous award.

All One People, a non-profit organization based in Manti, is supported almost exclusively by the people in the Sanpete area. Community members come together in a variety of ways to improve opportunities for youth in Kenya who are struggling with overwhelming obstacles and disadvantages.

Kenya’s free public education system only goes through eighth grade. After that, the student must go to a boarding school and provide all their own funds for boarding, tuition, uniforms and so forth.

Many bright, eager young people are far too poor to afford such expenses. All One People helps bridge that gap so students with potential and desire to move forward can do so.

The people of this great community have also made it possible to improve the conditions at an orphanage, providing many services and improvements through the years thereby assisting them in their journey to become self-sustaining.

All One People (www.allonepeople.org) expresses their gratitude to American Family Insurance and the Carol Carver Agency (ccarver@amfam.com) for their generosity and dedicated service to this community.

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