CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ Texaco introduced 19-year-old college student Christie McNight to the media Saturday at the Charlotte track. She was the winner of $1 million in the sponsor's ``Race To Millions'' sweepstakes.

McNight, who attends Gulf Coast Community College in her native Panama City, Fla., picked up the winning game card when she filled up at a local Texaco station.

The winning card featured Ernie Irvan, one of 11 drivers in different forms of racing with Texaco sponsorships. She became a winner in the lottery-style contest when Irvan won the June race at Michigan Speedway.

McNight said she almost threw away the card, leaving it on the kitchen counter at her aunt's house. Her aunt came and woke her to tell her she had won.

``I didn't even watch the race,'' McNight said.

Irvan, congratulating the girl, said, ``Christie is a college student and now she's a millionaire. I know she's got a lot of people who have explained to her how to spend the money. Most of the time it's with them.''