NEW YORK (AP) _ The American Jewish Congress announced Sunday that it has canceled its tours to Austria, saying the election of Kurt Waldheim as president has made it impossible for the group's members to feel comfortable there.

''The unprecedented implications of Waldheim's election by a majority of Austrian voters makes it entirely inappropriate for us to continue to include Austria in our travel itineraries,'' said Geoffrey Weill, director of the AJC International Travel Program, the world's largest Jewish travel program.

Waldheim, former United Nations secretary-general, was elected president in a run-off election last month.

Officials of the World Jewish Congress, a group separate from the AJC, have alleged that Waldheim lied about his involvement in Nazi war crimes. Waldheim has denied the allegations.

''The election of Kurt Waldheim has made it impossible for our members to feel comfortable in that country, even though Austria has been a highly popular choice of our tour groups in the past,'' Weill said.

This year, Austria had been scheduled as a major stop on 14 AJC tours.