Sacred Heart University poll: taxes top in voters’ minds

August 10, 2018

High taxes and the high cost of living in Connecticut will be foremost in voters minds when they head to the primary polls Tuesday, a new Sacred Heart University poll found.

“The top issues driving voters’ behavior heading into the race for governor was the high overall tax burden (32.1 percent) or high cost of living (21.9 percent) in Connecticut,” said Professor Lesley DeNardis, executive director of the Institute for Public Policy at Sacred Heart, of the poll results released Friday.

The statewide public policy poll was conducted from mid-July to early August and asked 53 questions of 1,003 state residents.The poll contains a margin for error of +/-3.02 percent.

Results showed more than 90 percent of voters will keep a candidate’s leadership qualities, accomplishments, priorities and goals for the state in mind when casting this vote.

“Comparatively, the candidate’s prior government experience was important to just 67.3% percent of residents,” said DeNardis.

That finding could have vast implications on many campaigns as there are candidates who lack government experience running in almost race that has a primary.

More than 60 percent of respondents found it was difficult to maintain a standard of living on their household income.

While they were mainly concerned about taxes and living costs, 73.4 percent of residents were worried about education inequality and 67 percent fretted over migration out of Connecticut.

A large majority of respondents agreed that Connecticut is not a draw for tourists or businesses now.

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