Jeff Sessions unveils guidebook to help local authorities combat violent crime

November 6, 2018

The Department of Justice has produced a guidebook to assist local law enforcement efforts to reduce violent crime, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday.

The handbook will detail a litany of law enforcement initiatives that have worked based on input from federal and local authorities, Mr. Sessions said in a speech before police officers the National Fusion Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

“It will help us combine the expertise and broad jurisdiction of our federal agents with the 85 percent of law officers who serve at the state and local levels,” Mr. Sessions told the group. “That’s getting the right information to the right people.”

The National Fusion Center is a collaborative effort between federal, state and local law enforcement to share timely intelligence on threats. Authorities share this information with members of the intelligence community, including the Department of Homeland Security. There are 72 state and locally run fusion centers throughout the country.

Mr. Sessions said the fusion centers have helped strengthen the relationship between the Justice Department and state and local authorities.

“As every fusion center represented here today can tell you, small cases can become national or even international cases very quickly,” he said.

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