Choose a safer, stronger Georgia with Kemp

September 19, 2018

Abrams’ Attack Ads Are Disgraceful! Hardworking Georgians deserve better.

Those readers who have followed my past campaigns know full well the style of campaigns I run -- positive and focused on the issues. I believe the citizens of the 16th District respect that type of campaign and I know they deserve it. That’s why I feel it is absolutely necessary to shed light on the disgraceful nature that has become the Stacey Abrams campaign.

With less than two months until hardworking Georgians pick their next governor, radical Democrat Stacey Abrams is getting desperate.

Instead of sharing her plans for a safer, stronger Georgia, Abrams launched a series of offensive, baseless, and downright dirty attack ads against businessman Brian Kemp. She knows better.

Abrams is knowingly misrepresenting the facts for political gain. There’s not an ounce of truth in her accusations. Millions of dollars from California and New York billionaires are being spent to spread her lies and hide her radical, extreme agenda.

The reality is Stacey Abrams has no plan to improve safety for Georgians. Instead she wants to invite illegal immigrants into our state by giving them full access to Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship. This plan would mean millions of illegal immigrants flooding into our state and stealing the HOPE Scholarship away from the hardworking Georgia students who have earned it. This is the kind of reckless and radical agenda that would become a reality should Stacey Abrams become Governor.

I know Brian Kemp and am proud of what he has done to make Georgia a safer place. Brian is a husband, father, and businessman who led on courthouse security and cracked down on unlicensed massage parlors.

He has a plan to crush street gangs, end sex trafficking, and keep our families safe from violence. Kemp will put our safety ahead of politics.

When you flip on the television, don’t believe the disgusting lies paid for by left-wing radicals in California.

Choose honest, proven leadership. Please join me in voting for Brian Kemp as our next Governor of Georgia.

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