Student cast tells the story of when Santa was confused

December 24, 2018

When Santa becomes confused after a bump on the head, up is down, in is out and all the holidays in a year’s time are terribly skewed.

There are candy canes hanging on the pumpkins at Halloween, a visit from the Tooth Fairy means that eggs are left under pillows instead of coins and chocolate Easter bunnies end up in stockings at Christmas.

And, boy oh boy, the League of Mythical Creatures who represent all the other holidays are hoppin’ mad at Santa. They want him to get squared away so all the holidays can get back to normal.

Students in Samantha Reeder’s third grade class performed “The Year Santa Got Mixed Up” for parents and loved ones Tuesday afternoon at Jamaica Elementary School. The play was enhanced by costumes and props made by the students.

At the performance, the cast enjoyed playing their roles as much as the audience enjoyed watching them. In fact, the students wouldn’t have resisted if someone had shouted “Encore!”

But as the clock neared school dismissal time, the cookies were introduced and the play was forgotten. As everyone knows, you don’t get in between third-graders and their cookies.

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