Voter Fraud Often Not Followed Up On

March 1, 2019

Editor: If there is no voter fraud, as is widely contended by the Democratic Party at large and its supporters, then why is a new election going to take place in North Carolina for a U.S. House seat because of ballot harvesting, which is voter fraud? Voter fraud is rarely found because it is not looked for. Judicial Watch is litigating against different states making them clean up their voter rolls insuring that those who have moved out of state or died are taken off the rolls. Fraud is not followed up on unless like in the North Carolina case the number is sufficient to swing an election. It actually is quite prevalent, as happened when Richard Nixon was defeated by Jack Kennedy because of great fraud in Cook County Illinois in a presidential election in which Nixon did not contest the result to prevent pandemonium in the populace. Judicial Watch recently won a case against the state of California to get them to clean up their voter rolls, which took off 1.5 million inactive voters. Prior to that, they won cases against Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky enforcing requirements of the National Voter Registration Act. In many cases states have more on voter rolls than legal voters. James U. Sinclair WRIGHT TWP.