Trump gained 4 lbs., but in good health overall: Personal doctor

February 14, 2019

President Trump may have gained four pounds since last year but he remains in “very good health overall,” his personal doctor said Thursday.

Navy Cmdr. Sean Conley, a doctor of osteopathy, released the results of his four-hour examination of the 72-year-old president in a memo to the White House.

The 6-foot-3 president weighs 243 pounds, up from 239 in last year’s physical.

Doctors also increased his dosage of statins, from 10 mg to 40 mg, to control his cholesterol. The medication appears to be working, as his total cholesterol dropped from 223 last year to 196, , according to the doctor’s memo to the White House.

The president’s resting heart rate was 70 beats per minute the Mayo Clinic says normal is 60 to 100 and his blood pressure is a normal 118/80, which is down from 122/74 last year.

He received immunizations for shingles, a viral infection that can cause a painful rash, and to prevent pneumococcal diseases. Both are important for older Americans.

All of his other shots are up to date.

Mr. Trump was analyzed by a panel of 11 board-certified specialists at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on Friday. He did not have any procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia.

“After taking into account all the laboratory results, examinations and specialist recommendations, it is my determination that the president remains in very good health overall,” Cmdr. Conley wrote.

Last year, then-White House physician Ronny Jackson said Mr. Trump was in “excellent” health. He recommended that Mr. Trump, who does not smoke or drink alcohol, lose some weight by eating more salads and fewer carbohydrates, though it’s unclear if the fast-food-loving president took that advice.