Dems Resisting Trump’s Policies

January 24, 2019

The Democrats’ plan under Trump is just to resist any policy that he wants to pass and keep saying we hate Trump. With the backing of the mainstream media, this message seems to be enough to keep them in power. But what will the message be if they take back the White House? “We hated Trump and resisted him for the past four years. What the heck else do the American people expect of us? Do they want us to come up with a plan of our own?” They hate Trump so bad that they would rather show their love for the migrants that want to enter this country illegally than give Trump anything. These illegals are sticking their middle finger up at the American justice system and all of the people that are waiting in line to follow the rule of American justice system by entering the legal way. If the people sneaking across the border can’t follow the first rule of law that their new country asks of them, which is to enter legally, than what other law will they determine does not apply to them so they do not have to abide by it? And by the Democrats backing these illegals they are just getting bolder. Maybe the Democrats will pass a bill to start paying unemployment checks to the illegals that can’t make it over the wall to show how politically correct we are as a country. Joseph Fisher WILKES-BARRE

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