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Orchids and Onions: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Staff WriterMay 23, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Brenda at Safeway for helping me get my earned points. Great suggestion to take a picture of my list!

Onions to the local nail tech for not cleaning his station between customers. Ugh. Nail clippings and piles of powder everywhere. Also talked on his phone the whole time. Looking for new nail tech!

Orchids to Mark Boxberger of Pro Water AZ for coming to our rescue on Easter morning when the water softener started flooding the garage. We really have some great people in this town!

Onions to the bar owner that thinks its ok to reprimand employees in front of customers, very inappropriate. After 21 years you would think you would value not only your employees, even though they are volunteers, but also your long time patrons.

Orchids for LeGrand Plumbing, Wayne and Travis for replacing our water heater on this Easter morning. What a team! They each deserve an orchid as well as one for Mrs. Wayne!

Onions to the man on the quad who drug our plastic “slow down” sign out of our yard and ripped out the orange flag on the stick out, speeding away, leaving the sign in the middle of the road.

Orchids to Doug Hardy for finally getting his Rotary Clock for our city. He has worked many selfless years to make this a reality, with untiring volunteer time and donated help to everyone, for this beautiful clock. Thank you Doug!

Onions to the old lady in the electric shopping cart at Bashas who drove against my leg. She cut me and my cart off, only to stop and make me wait for her while she was being mean to the meat lady.

Orchids to the beautiful fishing area at Site Six, but onions to there being no benches for the seniors on the fishing docks. Benches would be a wonderful addition for my grandpa to enjoy Site Six even more!

Onions to rolling the silverware so tight then gluing it together with an adhesive band. My arthritic hands could not open my spoon, fork, and knife. Lucky for me, a young person came along and unfurled my imprisoned utensils. I would have had to use my straw to slurp down my soup and taste-free sandwich.

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