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Okla. Teen Faces Shooting Hearing

January 27, 2000

FORT GIBSON, Okla. (AP) _ The shot-out windows have been replaced, the wounded students are back in class and the blood stains on the cement outside Fort Gibson Middle School have finally begun to fade.

Almost two months since a 13-year-old boy fired 15 rounds into a crowd of students before school, this small community is learning to heal while prosecutors fight to charge the boy as an adult.

A closed hearing is scheduled today to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute the boy.

Authorities have not identified the boy by name, but students who witnessed the shooting identified him as Seth Trickey, a well-liked seventh-grader who was on the honor roll and went to church with his family.

The boy has pleaded innocent in an attempt to avoid being prosecuted as an adult, attorney Jim Wilcoxen said.

The boy has been held since Dec. 6, when four students were wounded outside the middle school before the morning bell. A fifth student was injured by a ricochet bullet.

The teen-ager faces a maximum penalty of life in prison if he is convicted on adult charges of shooting with intent to kill. If he remains in the juvenile system, he could be in custody until age 19.

Meanwhile, at the school, safety officer Ronnie Holuby still greets students each morning. The science teacher is credited with ending the shooting spree. Holuby told the boy to put the gun down and then put his hands on a school wall where Holuby held the boy until police arrived.

``Some people, you know, they will say I’m a hero. I’m not that. I was just doing what any other teacher would have done if it would have been them,″ Holuby said Tuesday.

The students, staff and faculty seem to be back at normal, Holuby said. But there are still reminders _ the reactions when a balloon popped, the scars from the four wounded students and the gaps in the brick school where shots landed.

``Teachers seem to be more talkative to students now,″ Holuby said. ``We have just all pulled together.″

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