The last pair of socks George H.W. Bush will ever wear honor his service as Navy flyer

December 3, 2018

George H.W. Bush was long famous for the astonishing variety of socks he wore, so much so that the city of Houston has asked residents to don special socks to honor him this week. The Republican Party also offered “HW” socks at its online store for years.

Jim McGrath, who was spokesman for both Barbara and George H.W. Bush, now reveals the design of the last pair of socks the late president will ever wear.

The 41st President will be carried to his final rest wearing socks that pay tribute to his lifetime of service, starting as an 18 year-old naval aviator in war. That legacy is now being carried, in part, by the brave, selfless men and women aboard @CVN77_GHWB. #Remembering41 pic.twitter.com/OabtK756fO Jim McGrath (@jgm41) December 3, 2018

The number designates the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush, which deployed in 1975. Along with 9 other vessels in its class, it is the largest warship in the world.

The socks are gray knit with black gusset, and a formation of six fighter jets with gold tipped wings and streaming contrails.

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