It’s grand bargain time

January 16, 2019

Clearly, Donald Trump NEEDS to make his Russian, American, and Isreali mafia business partners happy… OR ELSE… by letting them build a useless wall along the US Mexican border!!! All at VAST taxpayer expense, of course!!! So… MAYBE Democrats can take advantage of Trump’s desperation!!! Democrats could demand… and after 40 years of Republicans driving down wages… be in a position to actually FORCE Republicans to do something good for American working people for the first time in 50 years or so!!!

Adjusted for inflation, the Federal minimum wage in February of 1968… 51 years ago a couple of weeks from now… was $11.90 an hour!!! Since Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, and declared all out war on American working people, that minimum wage has steadily declined… so that now… we would need to raise that wage by 64% just to get it back to what it was… 51 years ago!!! Contrary to the steady diet of self serving lies and baloney the super rich Republican elite feed to their incredibly gullible base…. No wonder Republicans are so fat… look at all the baloney their billionaire masters constantly feed them… the minimum wage MATTERS…. A LOT!!!

Right at 30% of ALL working people earn the annual equivalent of the minimum wage… OR LESS… and right at half of all workers earn no more than twice that annualized wage!!! WHICH IS WHY THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS IS DYING… AND WHY SO MANY TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICA WORKERS ARE SO HEAVILY DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT HAND OUTS… JUST TO SURVIVE!!! Raising the minimum wage back to what it was…. 51 years ago… would force wages to rise for at least half of all American workers!!! Which, of course… is EXACTLY why Republicans REFUSE to raise that wage!!!

Now, the super rich Republican elite have gotten so extremely wealthy by cheating American workers out of their rightful wages… and by hiring many millions of illegal immigrants, and by offshoring many millions of American jobs, and by busting all the unions, to destroy the Democratic party and worker ability to fight back against predatory Republican elite!!! BUT… BLOCKING NEARLY ALL MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES FOR THE LAST 38 YEARS HAS BEEN THE MOST HARMFUL THING THAT THE REPUBLICAN ELITE HAS DONE TO THIS NATION AND ITS ORDINARY CITIZENS!!!

Oops… I have hit my 400 word limit!!! The Journal will not publish pro American stuff unless it meets that limit!!!

John Dille,


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