Trump calls court ruling on N.C. redistricting ‘very unfair’

August 31, 2018

President Trump on Friday criticized as “unfair” a court ruling that voided North Carolina’s redistricting map two months before the midterm elections.

“How unfair is that?” Mr. Trump said at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Now you have to redraw lines to have a new district? Even though you won a primary in another district? I don’t know. There has to be something going on.”

A three-judge federal panel ruled this week that the state’s congressional districting map is unconstitutional because of partisan gerrymandering. The court suggested redrawing the districts prior to the Nov. 6 general election.

The map recommended by the judges would give Democrats an advantage in six of the state’s 13 congressional districts, with a potential swing of three seats to Democrats. The GOP currently holds a 10-3 advantage in the state’s congressional delegation.

The state’s Republican legislative leaders have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a stay, and to allow the election to be held under the current map.

Mr. Trump said it was “very unfair to have an election in less than 60 days and they change the district on you.”

“And you’ve already won primaries? How does that work? You’ve all gone through primaries or some of you have and it’s been districted for years,” he said.

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