MIAMI (AP) _ Police on Thursday confirmed they are investigating a complaint accusing Florida Marlins pitcher Livan Hernandez of hitting his former girlfriend.

``She made some serious allegations against him. A report was made. The detectives are very actively investigating those allegations,'' Miami police spokesman Angel Calzadilla said.

The spokesman said investigators had not yet filed a report, and he had no further details. He said the woman went to the police station late Wednesday night to make the complaint.

Calzadilla added that the 25-year-old woman was not taken to a hospital. He did not elaborate on what, if any, injuries she may have had.

Hernandez's agent said the allegations stemmed from a dispute over a Porsche that the World Series MVP had asked Alina Elgarresta to return after they broke off the relationship.

When she refused to give the car back, Hernandez had it towed to his home Saturday, according to his agent, Juan Iglesias.

Iglesias said Elgarresta, who still had the keys, then took the car.

``I filed a police report. When the police went to get the vehicle that same day she made these allegations,'' he said.

Iglesias said Hernandez, who was en route to New York for a game against the Mets, had done nothing wrong.

``People like Livan are very vulnerable to these types of allegations,'' Iglesias said. ``I'm sure Livan will come out with flying colors when this is done because nothing happened.''