West Pittston: Not Perfect, But Great

September 2, 2018

Editor: Ran into an old friend from the area and he said to me, “West Pittston isn’t that perfect town anymore.” He went on to say that it isn’t as safe as it used to be, and mentioned the past flooding. To be honest, when I think of perfection, I think of God and maybe the 1972 Miami Dolphins. (No, I’m not a fan.) As far as the safety issue, our Chief of Police Mike Turner is one of the most intelligent, diligent officers in the business. Our mayor Harry Blaskewicz makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy. If he had his way, he would be on the police force, the street department, and anything else in which he could participate. And of course we can’t leave out the rest of the borough employees who do an exemplary job. No, the town isn’t perfect. However, if I had to describe it, in my book, it’s great. It’s also one of the safer towns in the valley, in my opinion. I’ve lived in the Garden Village all my life, and I plan on sticking around for a while. John Disanferdinand WEST PITTSTON

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