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Moyers Named Oustanding Interviewer In TV News, Documentary Emmy Awards

August 30, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ Public Broadcasting System correspondent Bill Moyers was named 1984′s outstanding interviewer as PBS led the list with 11 Emmys for news and documentaries form the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

CBS, which earned 10 awards Thursday evening, was close behind, followed by ABC with six and NBC with five.

The awards were presented at an awards dinner attended by teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe, chosen to be the first civilian rider of the space shuttle Challenger; and Capt. John Testrake and Uli Derickson, the pilot and purser of hijacked TWA flight 847.

The ceremony recognized excellence in television journalism in such areas as background analysis, investigative reporting and interviews.

A total of 120 winners were selected from about 600 entries for programs broadcast between Jan. 1, and Dec. 31, 1984.

The winners included:

-Outstanding segment on a single breaking story: ″CBS Evening News″ for ″India Broadcast,″ Oct. 31, 1984.

-Outstanding background-analysis program on a single current story: PBS’ Frontline for ″Living Below the Line,″ Oct. 30, 1984, and ″Cry, Ethiopia, Cry,″ Nov. 27, 1984; and ABC’s ″Nightline″ for ″The Hostage Crisis Five Years Later,″ Nov. 1, 1984.

-Outstanding background-analysis segment on a single current story: ″CBS Evening News″ for ″Beirut: A Prospective,″ Oct. 10-23, 1984, ″TV Campaigning,″ Feb. 6-8, 1984, and ″Reagan’s Re-Election,″ Oct. 4-12, 1984; CBS ″Crossroads″ for ″Star Wars,″ Aug. 15, 1984; and PBS’ The MacNeil- Lehrer Newshour for ″Zumwalt-Agent Orange,″ May 15, 1984.

-Outstanding program, investigative journalism: NBC Network News for ″The Silent Shame,″ Aug. 25, 1984; NBC’s ″Today Show″ for ″Hard Metals Disease,″ Oct. 22-26, 1984.

-Outstanding segment, investigative journalism: ″CBS Evening News″ for ″General Dynamics,″ Nov. 11-21, 1984; NBC’s ″First Camera″ for ″Leader LaRouche,″ March 4, 1984; and ABC’s ″20-20″ for ″What Happened to the Children,″ April 5, 1984.

-Outstanding interview program and interviewer: PBS for ″A Walk Through the 20th Century: World War II Propaganda Battle,″ Bill Moyers, correspondent, May 9, 1984.

-Outstanding interview segment and interviewers: ″CBS Evening News″ for ″Race in America, Parts I and II,″ Bob Faw, reporter-correspondent, July 9-10, 1984.

-Outstanding program covering a continuing news story: PBS’ Inside Story for ″Jesse Jackson and the Press,″ June 8, 1984.

-Outstanding segment covering a continuing news story: ″CBS Evening News″ for ″Afghanistan,″ Nov. 12 through Dec. 26, 1984; ABC’s ″20-20″ for ″Wall of Tears, Wall of Hope,″ May 31, 1984; PBS’ The MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour for ″Farm Coverage,″ Aug. 7 through Dec. 24, 1984.

-Outstanding informational, cultural or historical program: PBS’ Frontline for ″The Mind of a Murderer,″ Part I and Part II, March 19-26, and for ″Captive in El Salvador,″ April 16, 1984; PBS’ ″National Geographic Special,″ ″Among the Wild Chimpanzees,″ Jan. 11, 1984.

-Outstanding informational, cultural or historical segment: ABC’s ″Good Morning America″ for ″B-1 Bomber,″ Aug. 30, 1984; PBS’ ″Smithsonian World″ for ″Anne Morrow Lindbergh,″ Feb. 15, 1984.

-Special classification for outstanding program-individual: PBS for ″The Sovereign Self: Right to Live, Right to Die, Program 10 of the Constitution, That Delicate Balance″ Nov. 20, 1984.

-Special classification for outstanding segment-individual: ″NBC Nightly News″ for ″The New Cold War,″ Sept. 10-19, 1984, and ″3-Part Brain Series,″ July 23-25, 1984; CBS’ ″Crossroads″ for ″Steeplejacks,″ June 27, 1984.

-Outstanding Individual Achievement: Theodore H. White and Larry McCarthy, ″Television and the Presidency″ (syndicated); Ron Powers, CBS’ ″Sunday Morning″; Marshall Frady, Judy Chrichton, Richard Gerdau, Kathy Slobogin, Joseph Angier and Thomas Lennon, ″ABC Close-up, To Save Our Schools, to Save Our Children.″

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