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Virginian Wins Caped Crusader’s Car

June 21, 1989

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) _ Holy Harvey Wallbanger, Batman 3/8 A bartender won your Batmobile.

Patrick McLynn, who is paying his way through Virginia Commonwealth University by tending bar part time, has won the hottest car in Gotham City as part of the nationwide hoopla surrounding the opening of the movie ″Batman.″

There’s just one problem: The Caped Crusader’s vehicle doesn’t have a motor.

Greg Drebin, a publicist for MTV, which gave away the car, explained the empty space under the hood.

″It simply was not streetworthy,″ Drebin said. ″The car was the real prop used in the picture. But its motor was too heavy, the ratio wasn’t according to regulations. It has only been driven by stunt men.″

Luckily for McLynn, the prize also includes $25,000 for bat-gas. He said he will invest the money in certificates of deposit and use the interest to buy a motorcycle.

McLynn, an engineering student whose goal is to become a toy designer, will collect his prize Friday at the Ridge Cinema from ″Batman″ co-star Robert Wuhl. He said he’s not sure what he will do with the car.

″I think it should be shown at theaters where the movie is playing and maybe state fairs around the country,″ said McLynn, who doesn’t own a car and gets around on a bicycle or skateboard.

The Batmobile is 20 feet long and more than 11 feet wide. Its design is derived from Utah Salt Flats racers of the 1930s and Corvette Stingrays of the 1950s.

When fully armed, it has retractable armor, machine guns concealed above the front wheels, explosive charges in the wheel hubs, remote voice-activated controls, the latest electronic tracking devices and a ″high fear-inducing factor,″ according to Anton Furst, its designer.

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