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Bowers, 45, of Jupiter, Fla., disappeared three years ago

March 29, 1997

Bowers, 45, of Jupiter, Fla., disappeared three years ago without paying the rent, said Margo Bruynel, who rented her garage apartment to him for several months.

``Nothing made him happy,″ Ms. Bruynel said. ``His brother’s death hit him so hard. He would stop by and talk, but I know he was depressed about the death of his brother. His brother died in some sort of freak accident up in New England. It was a tragedy he never got over.″

One former neighbor, who knew Bowers’ family, said his survivors did not want to be disturbed.

Bowers lived in East Haven, Madison and Milford, Conn., before moving to Florida about three years ago.


McCormick, 29, was living in Salt Lake City when his driver’s license was issued, authorities said.

A graduate of Malcolm Shabazz City High School in Madison, Wis., in 1986, he joined a group then called the Total Overcomers in Seattle on May 16, 1994.

In a published report in 1994, his mother said she was ``reasonably certain that Joel is physically all right.

``I see the group as having taken his decisions away from him,″ Megan McCormick said. ``Sometimes I think he’ll be irrevocably changed if and when he comes out.″


St. Louis, 44, left his northern Idaho home in 1992 to join the cult, leaving with his girlfriend in Coeur d’Alene a videotape explaining his decision.

``Today is February 12, 1992. It’s Wednesday. I want everybody who may see this, or to know, that I have chosen to leave,″ he said on the tape. ``I want to rejoin my heavenly father, and my classmates, the students of my heavenly father. ... I’m really happy about this ... To walk away and begin doing some work for my real father means more to me than anything.″

His girlfriend, Shelly King, said St. Louis left her most of his belongings, including thousands of dollars worth of stereo equipment and two cars. He also gave her power of attorney over legal affairs.

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