Rashida Tlaib’s demand of Donald Trump’s impeachment dismissed by House leader

March 6, 2019

Progressive firebrand Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s latest call for impeaching President Trump was brushed off by one of the top Democrats in the caucus on Wednesday.

“Impeachment is premature at this moment,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic Caucus chair, told reporters.

Ms. Tlaib announced that she will be moving later in March to have the Judiciary Committee, which is she is a new member of, begin looking into impeaching the president. She said that impeachment proceedings need to start “today.”

Activists rallied with the congresswoman, and then later continued to call for impeachment outside Speaker Pelosi’s office.

Despite the hesitation from Democratic leadership to discuss impeachment, Ms. Tlaib contends that the party can rally around their concern about the president.

“I think every single colleague of mine agrees that there are impeachable offenses,” she said. “That’s one thing that we all agree on.”

In January, Ms. Tlaib drew some controversy when she told a cheering crowd that Democrats plan to “impeach the motherf-er.”

Mr. Jeffries said that Ms. Tlaib’s comments did not detract from party unity, as members have to represent their various districts, but stressed that overall the Democrats are not focused on removing the president.

“But within the umbrella of the House Democratic caucus, our position is clear. We are going to fight for kitchen table pocketbook issue-oriented agenda, while simultaneously engaging in our oversight responsibilities,” he said. “That does not involve impeachment.”