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Jordan’s Hussein May Have Cancer

July 23, 1998

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) _ King Hussein may be suffering from cancer of the lymph cells and will begin chemotherapy next week if tests confirm the condition, Jordanian television has reported.

Hussein, who is being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, disclosed the diagnosis in a letter to his brother, Crown Prince Hassan, on Tuesday. The letter was read on Jordanian television Tuesday night.

Prime Minister Abdul-Salam Majali said Wednesday that the king asked that the letter be read on television to inform Jordanians of his condition.

The 62-year-old king wrote that an ``excised lymph node and symptoms all seem to point to lymphoma,″ or cancer of the lymphatic tissue, although there could be other causes of the symptoms, the letter said.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are waiting for full details of tests done on Friday. If the cancer is confirmed, Hussein said he will undergo chemotherapy.

Hussein’s private physician, Samir Farraj, said in a brief statement released by the clinic on Wednesday that the king was expected to remain there for three more weeks.

The statement gave no new information about results of the tests or the Jordanian leader’s condition.

The king said many American specialists have been involved in trying to determine a diagnosis, and the private physician of President Clinton has been placed at his disposal.

Hussein was admitted to the clinic July 14 with spells of fever and cold sweats. He has had regular medical checkups at the clinic since 1992, when he underwent surgery to remove cancerous tissue from his ureter and left kidney.

He had an inflamed lymph gland removed last November, and in April 1997, he underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. Both were benign.

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