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Lar Lubovitch Presents Two New Dances

February 28, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) _ The punch and zest characteristic of Lar Lubovitch’s choreography is present again, in two dances seen for the first time on opening night of a week’s season by the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company.

On Tuesday at the City Center, the company danced ″Fandango,″ a duet set to Ravel’s ″Bolero,″ and ″From Paris to Jupiter,″ set to Mozart’s ″Symphony No. 40.″ Both were innovative but didn’t look forced.

The Solisti New York Chamber Orchestra conducted by Ransom Wilson played for both premieres.

″From Paris to Jupiter″ has a starry background. The dancers wear leotards and jackets with lace jabots. At one minute, they looked of Mozart’s time; once, as lines of dancers approached each other, they looked like characters from ″Star Wars.″

Even when only two people - lithe Nancy Colahan elegantly partnered by Leonard Meek - were dancing, the stage was full of movement. Lubovitch had them twirling, stretching their arms, moving to use the entire stage. Sometimes they did the same movements, side by side, not far apart, but they soon had covered the entire stage.

When 10 dancers were on stage, Lubovitch had them constantly change their groupings - threes, then fives, etc. He also had a section for them where pairs of dancers would touch fingertips and circle their arms, as though they could communicate with each other that way.

Miss Colahan and Meek had another duet, full of joy, and he had a solo in which his jumps made him look like a tall sprite.

Mia Babalis and Sylvain Lafortune got no rest in ″Fandango.″ They were often on the floor and did a lot of embracing, there and standing. Once she was the aggressor, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him to her. He lifted her often, rolled her across his shoulders.

Some of the poses were erotic but the mood of the dance was cool, even as the music got more insistent.

We liked both dances, but favored ″From Paris to Jupiter.″ Maybe it’s because ″Bolero″ seems to need more musicians than a chamber orchestra.

The evening began with ″A Brahms Symphony″ from 1985 in which Rebecca Rigert was outstanding.

After this engagement, the company will dance in Dallas; Riverhead and Purchase, N.Y.; Kohler, Wis.; Westerville, Ohio; Pomona and Stanford, Calif.; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Pittsburgh, and Princeton, N.J.

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