Traffic near Tanyard Station

February 6, 2019

New traffic signals and a left turn lane have been installed in connection with last fall’s opening of the Tanyard Station retail development on U.S. 60 in Barboursville at the intersection with Big Ben Bowen Highway.

Since the main traffic signal there has been changed with a different timing sequence, traffic is often backed up on both U.S. 60 and on Big Ben Bowen Highway. The Herald-Dispatch did a poll this week asking people how they would describe the traffic situation there, and more than three-quarters of the respondents chose “congested.”

Here are some comments that online readers left:

Glade Keener: “Haven’t really had any issues, go through multiple times a day. Yes, it’s a bit more congested now but the construction and road work is nowhere near complete. Just have a bit of patience and take alternate routes when you can. A little patience goes a long way.”

Charlie Thompson: “Complete paving and mark roadway clearly would help a lot!”

David Dudley: “Terrible.”

David Smith: “Why we ‘never’ go to the mall, even before this mess! Always wrecks up that way and would much rather shop downtown areas in the Tri-State and locally owned. Crazy to drive in that kind of traffic!”

Kevin McPherson: “Totally messed up!”

Pat Sharp: “It’s going to be even a worse mess. 2 lanes!! It’s normally awful about to get even worse!”

Mike Ballburn: “Traffic signals are a mess. Needs turn arrows in every direction.

Roger McCallister: “Don’t go there, do not care.”

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