Robert Hively-Johnson: Something isn’t wrong?

August 5, 2018

Robert Hively-Johnson

When I was a boy, we played lots of baseball on the many sandlots around. We used taped-up bats, balls heavy with friction (electrical) tape, bases were anything we could find or dirt lines.

We decided “first pick” with two players and hands-by-hand to the bat’s knob. Top-hand “got” first pick. Point is, we made our rules; we followed our rules to play the game. Boys!

Americans have rules that govern our free system. Why would some members have difficulty figuring out the overall goals we make up to preserve our game?

Not only that, now if some of us dare ask or complain that we are not following the rules, the questioners are demonized and threatened.

Sorry. Not the way I was raised.

Something’s wrong.

Some dodgers voted in the “Republican” president. Seems they need lies and a blaming, “benevolent dictator” preferring tantrums and chaos to Democrats or Democrat politicians. Obviously, neither political party can handle childish chaos, judging by what that political parties are doing, which is nothing.

We know Himself likes to be the storm by his own admission and Himself is never wrong. What he has always done — being the spoiled, screaming child, which he dares not do with foreign leaders. But, if you are American, look out.

He also lies, a lot, naturally. Lies breed trust? How’s that work?

Fairy tales are ancient sandlot wisdom. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “Rumpelstiltskin” and most other tales are remonstrations against bad behavior — greed and lying. Used as lessons for centuries, they worked well. No longer? If not, something is terribly wrong!

How many of us heard fairy tales and read the comic books that condemned the very behavior some of us now champion in our “American” White House? The chaos of lies and bullying, and projection of that chaos, globally harms us.

Where’s the good? Is churlish bullying and tantrums preferred? Why?

We screw up, boom. No going back.

Something is wrong.

Is the enemy elected officials who have taken a solemn “Oath of Office” abandoned that oath to allow wicked, vile chaos? If Congress is the problem, then the real enemy is the voter or us, who put them there.

One has to wonder just how long chaos will last before America is compromised?

It is becoming very apparent the Congress, judging from current politics, is no longer a democratic refuge. Admittedly, that refuge decayed under Bush/Cheney.

And, the only people speaking up are media people, but we toss stones at them for doing so. Something wrong? Why?

Remember the House of Representative’s “Un-American Activities” witch hunts lead by Joseph McCarthy?

Were Nixon’s Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the “Plame” affair witch-hunts?

What would have happened without media’s hard work?

We elected another spoiled POTUS-child. “Himself” also captains the intelligence apparatus that keeps America secure. But this ego-driven child publicly embraces tyrants, while dismissing American concerns.

Something isn’t wrong?

The wrong is American voters not asking questions.

Childish bully bullroar wins no games. Trump’s chaos and lies are good?

Something isn’t wrong?

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