Local businesses perform well with recent compliance checks

February 23, 2019

On Feb. 15, Tobacco Free Platte County and Back to BASICs coalitions in cooperation with the Columbus Police Department performed tobacco and alcohol compliance checks in Columbus.

Of the eight businesses checked, only one sold alcohol to a minor resulting in an 88 percent compliance rate. Tobacco compliance checks were also conducted with a 100 percent compliance rate, with none of the 12 businesses checked selling to a minor.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies enforcement of compliance checks as a best practice for comprehensive tobacco and alcohol control. For these checks, cooperating minors use their own identification and make no attempt to look over the legal age of 18 or 21 years.

“Nebraska law prohibits the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors; compliance with the law is an important measure in preventing kids from having access to tobacco and alcohol,” said coalition coordinator Jamie Rodriguez, through a released statement.

Participating organizations said through a released statement that they would like to thank these businesses for being compliant with the law and keeping tobacco and alcohol out of the hands of our underage youth:

Casey’s on Howard Boulevard, Casey’s on 33rd Avenue, Casey’s on 23rd Street, Corner Stop, Cubby’s, FastMart, Hy-Vee Gas, Hy-Vee Food Stores, Kat’s Car Wash & Gas, Kum & Go, Not your Grandfather’s Smoke Shop, Off Campus, Sapp Brothers, Smokers Outlet, Super Saver, Tres Hermanos, Walmart, Westbrook Lanes and Whiskey Sands.

Back to BASICs/Tobacco Free Platte County is a collaborative effort which works to keep youth from engaging in activities which contain tobacco, drugs and alcohol. The public is encouraged to be involved in prevention efforts within the community.

To see how you can help, or find out details on the next coalition meeting in Platte County, call (402) 563-9656. This organization is sponsored by East Central District Health Department with funds provided by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services/Tobacco Free Nebraska Program and Region 4 Behavioral Health System.