Gerrymandering case should proceed -- Marilyn McDole

January 23, 2019

Legal counsel for the state Assembly is requesting that the Wisconsin gerrymandering case be put on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court decides two other gerrymandering cases being heard this session.

What is the point of waiting? Not all gerrymandering cases are created equal, and not all gerrymandering is the same and has the same extreme disenfranchisement results as does the Wisconsin case.

The delay might very possibly allow current district mapping to remain in place through the 2020 election, which would keep the current power balance and disenfranchisement in place. As citizens, do we want to prevent people’s votes from counting?

Do we want the state Assembly and state Senate to choose their voters rather than the voters choosing their representatives? I certainly do not, and believe most voters would agree with me. I believe the lawsuit should be allowed to proceed.

Marilyn McDole, Oregon

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