Sen. Fischer wins second term

November 9, 2018

LINCOLN - United States Senator Deb Fischer wins a second term, easily defeating Democrat Jane Raybould.

Fischer pointed out to supporters gathered in downtown Lincoln that they were standing in the same ballroom in which they celebrated her first election to the United States Senate.

“And that was done by hard work, by great volunteers, by people who believed in the message we had,” Fischer told her victory party. “And we followed the same message this time as well and that’s to talk to Nebraskans about the issues.”

Fischer won 383,790 votes, or 58% of the total, according to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office. Raybould, the Lincoln City Councilmember and grocer, received 252,821 votes, or 38%.

Libertarian Jim Schulz garnered 23,855 votes, or 3.6%.

Fischer, a Republican, said she based her campaign on talking about the issues.

“Nebraskans are informed, they are interested, and they’re involved,” according to Fischer. “And they want to be able to talk about the issues. They want us to listen and they want to be heard. That’s what campaigns should be about.”

As for Raybould, she told her supporters that while Democrats might not have taken the seat, she envisions a future in which they will.

“Our time will come in our Cornhusker state and the work we have done together on this campaign has brought us one step closer to that time, but we still have a ways to go,” Raybould told supporters gathered at her campaign watch party.

Raybould told supporters there is no time to be sad or cynical, because there is too much work to do.

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