The past 100 years, November 13, 2018

November 13, 2018

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Nov. 13, 1918: Sunday, November 24, Proclaimed Peace Sunday by Governor Lindsey

Nov. 13, 1968: There are three toy poodles, 24 hours old, who need someone who cares. Their mother died after delivery Tuesday morning and the 3 oz. pups need a nursing mother.

Because the female dog had distemper and the pups may be carriers, it is preferable to get an animal that is being sent to the shelter. A cat with kittens less than 10 days old is ideal because dog distemper is not transferable to cats.

These day-old poodles cannot live longer than two or three days without a nursing mother.

Nov. 13, 1993: Gov. Bruce King said Friday he would push for a repeal of up to 5 cents of the 6-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax increase he signed earlier this year and would seek to restore part of a repealed food-and-medicine tax rebate to the poor.

At a news conference, the Democratic governor said he would recommend to the Legislature next year a $10 million tax rebate for the working poor. That’s the estimated amount of the gross-receipts tax paid by the working poor on food and medicine purchases.

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