Wendy Killen: There’s nothing ‘weird’ about Winona

May 2, 2019

I was absolutely stunned and disappointed to see the Monday April, 29 front page of the Winona Daily News. It featured a story calling Winona weird but cool. To think that the Visit Winona team is actively marketing our community as weird is unbelievable ... how disrespectful to our city and the people who live here. What a negative connotation to a community that is vibrant and thriving.

Businesses are expanding, more services are coming to Winona and huge investments are being made into our education systems. We are fortunate to have an incredible art museum! Countless people have dedicated their valuable time and resources to create a variety of successful annual cultural events. In addition we are afforded the opportunity to enjoy a tremendous outdoor lifestyle for all ages. I believe that with all of our wonderful attributes, Winona is a great place to visit and/or live.

We are blessed to have so many wonderful people who care about and invest in our community in so many ways. Through hard work and giving we are all fortunate to enjoy so much ... and we love sharing Winona with visitors.

Let’s join together and embrace our community positively ... if we want all ages to visit or live in Winona ... please market our wonderful community with positive words that we can all appreciate.

Wendy Killen, Winona