New York Times piece may be a setup -- Irwin Kass

September 9, 2018

If it’s too good to be true, then maybe it isn’t.

I would not put it past President Donald Trump to set up the anonymous op/ed in the New York Times by a “senior White House official” to discredit the new book by Bob Woodward and the New York Times. It’s possible President Trump planted this story so he could then discredit it, just like what happened to CBS journalist Dan Rather. Rather’s story about George W. Bush’s military service ended up costing him his job, despite some evidence Bush may have avoided the draft. Moreover, using make believe rebellions as an excuse to clamp down and consolidate power is a page out of the dictator playbook done successfully throughout history.

Don’t fall for what may have been a desperate attempt by a failing president to take the heat off himself. The denials by his Cabinet and other White House insiders are messages to his supporters to get out the vote in November because he is fully in charge no matter what the Woodward book says to the contrary.

Irwin Kass, Madison

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