Money doesn’t grow on trees

November 13, 2018

The Buckle, an iPhone, an Apple Watch, games, food, friends and pets are all things that teenagers “have” to spend money on.

We are always looking to find the coolest things and trying to have the newest phone. Food is also definitely a must have for teenagers. On top of food, teenagers are always asking their parents if they can own something of their own, like a pet. They promise that they will pay for everything, but in the end, will they? This becomes a big problem for teenagers.

Teenagers love to spend money on anything that they think they need. Their parents try to tell them that it’s not worth it, but they buy it anyway. Teenagers don’t realize that they are wasting their money and they don’t seem to manage it very well.

For most teenagers, this is very true, but I feel like I am pretty good at managing my money. Yes, I do think that I need many things, but I always ask myself, “Do I want to save money for college, or buy this?” This question has helped me a lot in the past couple of years.

As I continue to get older, I am constantly thinking about college and how much money I am going to need. I do get nervous when I see the big dollar amounts on the pamphlets that colleges hand out. This is just a reminder that saving money is the better option. Also, asking my question helps me realize that college is a lot more important than something that I want to buy now.

My parents have also helped me out a lot when it comes to money. If they think that what I want to buy is totally ridiculous, they won’t let me buy it. I think all parents need to do this, but if they don’t, maybe schools could possibly teach students how to manage their money instead. I think this would be a good idea because teenagers seem to constantly be out of money and if they can have a lesson on how to manage their money, I think it would help them.

Yes, teenagers are known for making mistakes. They do the wrong thing here and there, and it seems like they are always making the wrong decision. This is true when it comes to managing their money. Most teenagers are impulse buyers and once they see something they like, they buy it. Sooner or later, they have no money in their account and they are wishing that they never had bought the things that they did.

Fortunately, my parents have helped me along the way and taught me how to make good decisions when it comes to managing my money. This has led me to being smart and saving my money for important things, like college.

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