Burrell gets Legos from Greensburg school overrun by the toys

November 9, 2018

Being in the right place at the right time paid off for Gretchen Beveridge and fifth-graders at Burrell School District’s Stewart School.

Beveridge, a Burrell School Board member who serves as a liaison to the Westmoreland County Intermediate Unit, came across an unusual sight last month when she attended an open house at Greensburg’s Clairview School: Boxes upon boxes of Lego bricks.

Clairview Principal Colleen Suchko and teacher Luann Murtha said a donor told school officials he wanted to donate 60 boxes of Legos. He actually had 60 cases with more than 2,000 boxes.

“The look on our faces when this tractor-trailer came down with these pallets of Legos ... it was quite funny,” Suchko said.

Beveridge offered to take some of the toys off the school’s hands and ended up leaving the open house with 140 boxes of Legos.

Murtha said the donor wanted the Legos to be used by schools, so Clairview was happy to give some to Burrell.

Suchko added: “They were donated, we did not purchase them, and we kind of felt like (we should) pay it forward.”

Beveridge hopes the toy building blocks will be used as part of Stewart’s fifth-grade curriculum.

“I would love it if our teachers can use the iPads in the school to create a stop-motion video narrative. The students in Brook Miller’s classroom have done this before with great success. The kids are excited to build and work out their storyboards in small groups,” Beveridge said.

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