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Philippines Protests Latest Episode of ‘Frasier’

December 1, 1994

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ The Philippine government has sent a protest to the producers of the hit NBC sitcom ″Frasier″ over a joke it says denigrated Filipino women.

Flabbergasted to hear plastic surgery on his daughter-in-law will cost $25,000, the character of Frasier Crane’s father kids his son: ″For an extra five grand, you can get a whole new wife from the Philippines.″ The episode aired Tuesday.

The Department of Foreign Affairs today called the joke racist and sexist. It said Raul Rabe, the Philippines’ ambassador in Washington, sent a protest letter to David Angel, Peter Casey, David Lee and Cris Floyd, the Los Angeles- based executive producers.

″Our people are not chattel,″ the department quoted the letter as saying.

Rabe said the reference to Filipino women was unfair and ″diminishes the significant contributions that the large, economically upscale Filipino- American community has made to the very fabric″ of the United States.

In a separate protest letter to KNBC-TV Los Angeles, the Philippine Consulate there said a Philippine law passed in 1991 bans the mail-order bride business and other similar practices.

It said the episode shows the ″insensitivity and ignorance″ of the writers and ″perpetuates the kind of blindly negative stereotyping of other peoples and cultures reminiscent of a less enlightened period in American television and media.″

There was no immediate comment from the producers or the television station.

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