Currents: Mark Norquist of Modern Carnivore

August 30, 2018

Today: Mark Norquist is the owner of Modern Carnivore, which produces videos, podcasts and special events to educate people about the benefits of eating game and other wild foods.


Im in the final pages of The Scavengers Guide To Haute Cuisine by Steven Rinella. Its an entertaining walk through the authors year-long journey to hunt and fish and gather all the ingredients needed to put on a three-day feast for family and friends in the tradition of Auguste Escoffier, a French master chef.


Im obsessed with understanding the dramatic changes in society over the last few decades, and predictions of where things are heading tomorrow. The rapid migration of our population to urban centers and a decline in traditional activities such as hunting are fascinating topics for me. As a marketer, I also like to test and determine ways to reverse trends, like the challenges facing our hunting community.


I gave up cable and satellite over 10 years ago and havent looked back. These days Im most often captivated by real stories of people that get shared through pictures, video and written word, and often shared on social media. We use film and video in my company to tell stories of people who are engaging in interesting activities. In my opinion, the cliche of truth in real life being more interesting than fiction holds very true.


One of the best outdoor writers today and host of the Backcountry Hunters Anglers Podcast Blast is Hal Herring. He lives in Montana but grew up in Alabama. The depth of his southern drawl is only exceeded by his keen insights on hunting and fishing. Hes got a great sense of humor and a long lineup of quality guest interviews.


Im getting ready to release a web-based film series next month. Its called Awaken The Hunter Within and is produced by Modern Carnivore. Last year we followed three adults on their journey into the world of hunting. We captured everything from their initial curiosity all the way through to becoming true hunters. Part one (of seven) can be seen at modcarn.com/awakenthehunter.

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