Welcomed to Santa Fe with a random act of kindness

December 17, 2018

Before Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to the Santa Fe Place mall to enjoy the Santa Fe Symphony Chorus sing-along. We are new to Santa Fe, and we like to experience new things in the City Different. Afterward, we stopped at the nearby Outback Steakhouse. After we finished dinner, the waiter, somewhat bashfully, said, “It’s been taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving!”

When we got home, we realized that in our state of happy confusion, we had neglected to leave the waiter a tip.

The next evening, I returned to the restaurant. As I spoke to the hostess about the waiter, a young man sitting at the bar overheard me and said, “That was me.” With apologies, I handed him an envelope with our tip. Smiling, he revealed that other customers had asked him to identify a table of nice people for whom they could anonymously buy dinner.

Many thanks to Paul, the Outback waiter who chose us, and to the truly nice people who generously “paid it forward.”

We are actively looking for ways to do this ourselves and encourage all to find ways to lift spirits with random acts of kindness during this holiday season and throughout the year. We definitely feel welcomed to Santa Fe.

Sue Gee

Santa Fe

Lawful or not

On the Fort Marcy glass recycling issue (“Noisy glass? Think about stepping up recycling,” Our View, Dec. 7), I’ve seen no mention of this in relation to the city’s extensive municipal code, Chapter 10-2, the noise ordinance. The code seems to contain details that might apply: provisions to prohibit more generalized noise; provisions that limit some noises to certain hours; provisions that apply directly to “refuse compacting vehicles” and more.

Applying the noise code may offer guidance on whether hours, procedures and equipment are within code.

Or it may, based on code methodology, offer specifics on how to measure and determine objectively, not subjectively (as with surveys), whether the sound generated from the site is within the law.

Berl Brechner

Santa Fe

Seeing the positive

I wasn’t a supporter of Gov. Susana Martinez’s policies, including the driver’s license vendetta. And yet I am truly grateful she chose to expand Medicaid in New Mexico. Credit where credit is due.

Greg Stark

Santa Fe

Pot luck

I hope the new New Mexico Legislature and governor will try to pass a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico. Ten states now have legal recreational marijuana in the United States.

What is New Mexico waiting for?

Legalization is the smart and practical approach; local economies will prosper, state revenue will increase and drug education will grow. It will eventually happen, but why not sooner than later? We, the populace, need to keep a fire under the new Legislature to make this happen.

Jonathan Siedow

Las Cruces

Lighting the streets

Santa Fe is slipping into darkness, one burned-out streetlight at a time. The Public Service Company of New Mexico is responsible for many of the streetlights in Santa Fe. If you have a burned-out streetlights in your neighborhood, I urge you to shine a light on this problem and call the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (it regulates utilities) at 888-427-5772. PNM has not provided reasonable and adequate service in this regard. The residents and visitors to Santa Fe deserve safe and well-lighted streets.

Fred King

Santa Fe

Trickling down

Donald Trump and his Republican-elected demonic pawns are the bad-seed poster people for America, displaying day after day, for all to see, all that is wrong with the dark side of human nature.

Lies, deceitfulness, fraud, cheating, deviousness, criminality, bigotry, racism, undermining the rule of law and the “legalized” American government kidnapping of children have all trickled down from the Oval Office and Capitol Hill and become the norm for a major part of American society. The elected Republican in no way represents any true public service.

Howard H. Bleicher, D.D.S.

Santa Fe

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