2nd Measles Case Reported in Lowell

November 17, 2018

LOWELL -- A second case of measles was confirmed in Lowell on Thursday by the state Department of Public Health.

Both this case and the one confirmed on Nov. 8 were diagnosed at the Lowell Community Health Center, according to a press release from the DPH. However, the two cases are not connected, state officials said.

“Our efforts now are to identify people who may be at risk of getting ill and to get them vaccinated,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Brown in a press release. “Getting vaccinated within three to five days of an exposure can reduce the likelihood of getting measles.”

The release says the individual diagnosed on Thursday was present at a number of locations, which would have exposed other people to measles. Those locations include:

* T.J. Maxx, 288 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford (on Sunday, Nov. 11)

* Lowell Community Health Center, 161 Jackson St., Lowell (on Thursday, Nov. 15)

* Walmart Supercenter, 333 Main St., Tewksbury (on Thursday, Nov. 15)

Measles symptoms show between 10 days to two weeks after exposure, according to the DPH. Symptoms may resemble a cold and a rash, which typically begins on the head and move downward. Measles may be contagious from a person up to four days before the rash appears and four days after the rash appears.

For more information, contact DPH at 617-983-6800 or visit www.mass.gov/service-details /measles.

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