Extracurricular activities can help you get accepted

November 18, 2018

Performing well academically in high school is half the battle in getting accepted into college. Extracurricular activities go a long way, as well.

Playing sports and volunteering your time to charitable causes are only a couple of examples of activities you should be participating in to increase your marketability to college admissions leaders.

Ask your high school guidance counselor what type of activities are available in both your school and the community, and the process for pursing these opportunities.


Do you excel in a particular subject? If so, then you should consider lending your smarts to the cause of developing students who aren’t quite as proficient in that area.

Tutoring shows off your leadership, patience and organizational abilities – all key attributes that college recruiters and admissions officials are seeking in prospective students.

Play Sports

Sports mean teamwork and teamwork translates to collaboration with fellow students, professors and other college officials.

From the business world to the teaching industry, candidates with sports backgrounds can leverage their experience to convey a competitive, team-oriented spirit.

Playing sports also teaches you how to manage your time and work with diverse personalities to achieve common goals.

Other In-School Functions

Most high schools offer plenty of options for students, no matter what major they plan on pursuing in college.

Theater, drama, yearbook and the school newspaper are activities that can teach you skills that are highly transferable onto a college application. But be careful not to load up on too many activities just to have a more impressive submission.

Pick a few options and do them well.


Many college and scholarship applications prefer some form of community service experience from their candidates.

Reach out to local soup kitchens, nursing homes or wildlife refuges for short-staffed organizations always looking for extra help. Devote at least a few months to the cause to show college officials that you were willing and dedicated to helping those in need.

Try to keep accurate, organized records of all duties and projects you are involved in.

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