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Hackers Cut Into Official Web Sites

January 19, 2001

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) _ A hacker broke into the president’s Web site, deleted all official information and left a message of despair.

``Why did I do it?″ said the message, signed with the name ``Kabaka.″ ``Very simple _ when my parents live in misery and I cannot find a job without the proper connections and most of my friends seek their fortune abroad, what else is left?... A time comes when you say, ’Enough!″ ... Let the politicians think about it just a little.″

The Web site of President Petar Stoyanov was restored Friday from the attack launched earlier this week, said spokeswoman Neri Terzieva.

A further Web site violation was reported Thursday by the ruling Union of Democratic Forces. In this second incident, hackers broke into the party’s site and left an obscene message. The site could not be accessed Friday.

The attacks appear to belong to a growing trend of politically motivated Internet defacement known as ‘hacktivism.’ In recent weeks, it has been used to great effect by partisans on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It was not clear whether the name Kabaka had any meaning.

Like most nations, Bulgaria currently lacks laws specifically applicable to cybercrime.


On the Net:

Presidental site, http://www.president.bg

Union of Democratic Forces site, http://www.sds.bg

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