Trump should just tell the truth -- Irwin Kass

August 11, 2018

President Truman famously said that the buck stops in the Oval Office. He meant that, as president, one needs to man up and do what is right and take the heat for what is wrong.

President Donald Trump has been tweeting daily that the Mueller investigation needs to end. Yet the president can end it today. All he has to do is go on prime-time national TV for an hour and tell the American people what he did and what others did on his behalf before and during the campaign and then the transition.

Just tell us the truth.

The American people can handle it and would likely forgive him if they feel that he was being straight. If he does so, then the Mueller investigation should end because we will then know the truth.

It’s that easy. We are resilient and also a forgiving nation.

Irwin Kass, Madison

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