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September 25, 1995

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) _ Who was that masked man? Just Michael Jackson on an outing at the Memphis Zoo with Lisa Marie Presley and her two children.

Jackson wore a black surgical-style mask, apparently to keep the sun off his face.

Some visitors were more impressed by other attractions.

``If it’s not Barney, Madeline or the Muppet babies, forget it,″ said Doyle Nauman, whose 3- and 5-year-old daughters hardly noticed the King of Pop.

Jackson’s entourage stopped near the reptile house while the kids played at the zoo playground.

``Me and my brother like Michael Jackson a lot, but when we saw him, my brother was scared and I was froze,″ said 7-year-old Zach Berry. ``I’m a fan, but I’m real shy.″

Berry’s brother Eli was frightened by the mask. Jackson signed autographs for them anyway.


NEW YORK (AP) _ Even at age 15, Macaulay Culkin apparently can’t be left home alone.

The actor and his siblings have been throwing wild parties while their parents are locked in a bitter child-custody battle, according to friends and neighbors quoted in Monday’s New York Post.

The Culkin kids, ages 6 to 19, and their mother, Patricia Brentrup, are scattered through three apartments in a New York City building. She hired a nanny to look after the three younger ones, but ``the older boys have no supervision,″ neighbor Lorna Bundy told the Post.

Macaulay, who starred in the ``Home Alone″ movies, and two brothers _ 12-year-old Kieran and 19-year-old Shane _ recently threw a beer party in the apartment they share, an unidentified source told the Post.

A call to Macaulay’s publicist, Cynthia Parsons, was not immediately returned.


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Michael Bolton says the long locks stay.

``I grew my hair long when the Beatles came and invaded America,″ the 42-year-old singer said in an ``Extra″ television interview for broadcast Monday. ``The Beatles got me in so much trouble in school.

``I grew long hair when you had to fight in New Haven, Connecticut, to wear long hair. Nobody else had it. We had about four people between junior high school and high school who had it.″

Bolton said he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of his friend, tennis pro Andre Agassi, who was shorn of his long tresses last year.

``If somebody told me I’m going to become the greatest tennis player in the world, I would (cut my hair),″ he said, ``but it’s not going to help me, I don’t think.″


BURBANK, Calif. (AP) _ John Leguizamo, who dresses like a woman in ``To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar,″ says once in a dress was enough.

``I mean, all the things they do to you, man, it would, like, make a Navy SEAL, confess all kinds of American secrets,″ the actor said in a recent interview. ``The plucking, the tucking, the bras, the tight shoes!″

Leguizamo, whose character in the movie is a drag queen named Chi Chi Rodriguez, said he was hurt when the golf legend of the same name accused him of besmirching his reputation.

``I felt complimented at first,″ Leguizamo said. ``You know, it’s like, `Wow! He cares enough that my performance made him take notice.′ And then I was a little insulted that he called me sleazy and, you know, promiscuous.

``I’m just easy. It’s a big difference.″


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ What a season. San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds has endured batting slumps, bickering with fans and a divorce. Now he says he may consider retiring.

Bonds, 31, said he wakes up every morning with a migraine headache. He spends many nights getting booed by fans who see him as the epitome of everything wrong with baseball.

``It’s everything, man. Look at my year. A lot of things, not just the game itself,″ he said Friday night. ``I’m tired of taking blame for everyone else’s problems. I don’t need it.″

Still, it might be tough for the three-time National League most valuable player to walk away from a job that will pay him $8 million next season.

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