DENVER (AP) _ Colorado's governor and lieutenant governor have resolved an eight-month dispute that included a disagreement over what type of state car the lieutenant governor should drive _ a sports utility vehicle or a sedan.

Gov. Bill Owens met for an hour Tuesday with Lt. Gov Joe Rogers to discuss their ongoing dispute that started during their campaign for the governorship.

Owens would not meet with reporters after the session, but his press aide issued a short statement.

``Gov. Owens had a productive and cordial meeting with Lt. Governor Rogers,'' the statement said. ``The governor said that `Joe and I agreed to work together in the future, just as we have in the past.'''

The chief executive and his second-in-command, both Republicans, have been sniping for months.

Their dispute publicly flared up after a member of Rogers' staff member sued Owens _ with Rogers' approval _ to get her paycheck released. She had balked at undergoing a long, detailed criminal background check that Rogers maintained had not been required of all Owens staff members.

Rogers said he and Owens agreed to a ``very much positive relationship,'' which included the eventual withdrawing of his employee's lawsuit.

``It all will be worked out,'' Rogers said.

Other issues that emerged included a dispute involving a state employee Rogers failed to discipline for driving a state car more than 100 mph before being stopped by a state trooper. Rogers was in the car at the time.

And then there was a flare-up over what kind of state car the lieutenant governor should be allowed. Owens has a sport utility vehicle.

Rogers also had a SUV, but Owens sent it elsewhere and gave Rogers a sedan.