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Three Arraigned in Schoolroom Stabbing

April 14, 1993

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (AP) _ A high school freshman was stabbed to death in his classroom by three teen- agers who were looking for a fight, police said. Classmates said the attackers traded high-fives and laughed after the slaying.

Jason Robinson, 16, was attacked with a baseball bat and knifed in front of about two dozen students in his first-period social studies class Monday.

Karter Reed and Gator Collet, both 16, and 15-year-old Nigel Thomas were arraigned Tuesday in the slaying. They were charged as juveniles with murder, held without bail and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations.

Prosecutors said they want the three tried as adults.

The killing stunned the ordinarily peaceful Dartmouth High School, which has about 1,150 students. ″The kids keep saying, ’This happens in city schools, not here,‴ Principal Donald King said.

Aaron Cormier saw his best friend killed. ″I didn’t realize he had a knife. It must have been in his qleeve,″ he said Tuesday. ″I thought he was just punching Jason. I didn’t realize it was a knife until it was in Jason.″

Cormier said the attack was one of several fights that had erupted since a weekend keg party turned into a rumble in this middle-class community of 27,000 on Massachusetts’ southern coast. Collet and Thomas attended Dartmouth.

The three teen-agers under arrest apparently were looking for another teen- ager, Sean Pina, who had been involved in a fight with them at the school earlier in the day, prosecutors said.

When Robinson asked them why they wanted Pina, one of the youths hit him with a bat. Reed then stabbed Robinson in the abdomen, and Robinson stumbled to the hallway and collapsed, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Quinn said.

Cormier said Reed and Collet ″high-fived″ and laughed after the attack, then turned and warned the students in the classroom: ″Tell all his boys, you’re all dead.″

″When they stabbed that kid, they were looking for me,″ Pina said. ″I don’t understand why they went after him. He had nothing to do with it.″

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