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Police Search Homes, Seize Samizdat Literature

March 13, 1987

VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ Police searched the homes and seized large quantities of literature Wednesday from three Hungarian dissident intellectuals involved in underground publishing, two sources in Budapest said Thursday.

They said the three people affected by the police action were sociologist Ottlia Solt, publisher Jenoe Nagy and translator and writer Gyuri Gado.

″Police came early in the morning and searched for literature well into the afternoon,″ said one dissident source, who was reached by telephone from Vienna.

Ms. Solt, who set up the Foundation of Helping the Poor, is co-editor of Beszeloe, an underground periodical with a growing circulation among non- conformist intellectuals in Budapest.

According to the same source, police seized about 100 copies of Beszeloe from Ms. Solt but failed to get hold of the whole production, one day after the 19th issue of the journal came out.

Nagy has been running the independent ABC publishing house for many years. Gado is a translator of English and German and a contributer to The Democrat, another underground journal.

″I think it (the police raid) is part of the program of continued fight against the independent press″ in Hungary, the dissident source, himself involved in underground publishing, told The Associated Press.

He said while Nagy’s and Gado’s homes have been searched several times recently, Ms. Solt had been spared for about two years.

The police action came only days before a planned demonstration March 15 to mark the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian uprising against Hapsburg rule.

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