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Policeman Killed Defusing Bomb With AM-Shining Path

February 6, 1985

LIMA, Peru (AP) _ A policeman was killed while trying to dismantle one of two bombs found near a power station during the blackout that spread through Lima while Pope John Paul II was visiting, the government news agency said Tuesday.

The blast on Monday night hurled the national guard policeman, Juan Yuranqui Franco, to the bottom of 200-yard-deep ravine, the news report said.

Shining Path guerrillas dynamited electrical towers, blacking out the Peruvian capital and cutting power to Lima airport a few minutes after the landing of Pope John Paul II’s jet on Monday night.

The pope left Peru for Trinidad on Tuesday on the last leg of his 12-day trip to Latin America.

The news report said Yuranqui was attempting to defuse two bombs near a village about 20 miles east of Lima.

Shining Path is a Maoist-oriented group that is trying to topple Peru’s democratically elected government.

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