1. Irvine, California

December 21, 2018

Photo Credit: Brent Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

Overall score: 96.27Violent crime rate: 60.9 per 100,000 peopleProperty crime rate: 1,310.2 per 100,000 peopleAccidental death rate: 22.9 per 100,000 peopleBinge drinking rate: 15.5% of adultsSmoking rate: 9.2% of adults

Located at the southernmost end of Los Angeles, Irvine is frequently regarded as the safest city in the nation, and with good reason. The violent crime rate is 84 percent below the national average and the property crime rate is 44.5 percent lower. Smoking rates are also depressed compared to the rest of the nation, with fewer than one in 10 adults identifying as smokers.

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