Letter to the editor: Trump’s words make a difference

November 24, 2018

Whether President Trump takes responsibility or not, most people believe that his words emboldened the Kentucky and Pittsburgh murderers and the would-be pipe-bomb murderer.

I am pleased with how Pittsburgh has shown its solidarity. I don’t want Trump anywhere near our city. The hate he spews hate toward the masses can push the mentally ill over the edge and allow those in the dark underground to rise up and feel validated.

Hate groups feel they have the right to verbally and physically assault Jewish people, black people, Hispanic people and immigrants. Hispanic people are being berated for speaking Spanish or just being Hispanic. And now, black and Jewish people have been murdered for just being who they are.

The only human beings who are indigenous to America are Native Americans. The rest of us are immigrants.

I still have hope, but I am also extremely vigilant and aware that my life and the lives of my children, husband and grandchildren could be in danger due to the country’s toxic climate, to which our president contributes.

Prayers to all the families suffering because their loved ones have been taken away senselessly.

Robin Hammonds


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